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Why Vanguard®?

At HealthSavings, we’re proud to give our members access to some of the finest investment opportunities through our relationship with Vanguard®. Investment in Vanguard® mutual funds is accessible with the first dollar. With a history of potential for growth, Vanguard® investments are part of a long-term, retirement strategy.

HealthSavings Vanguard® Benefits

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FIRST DOLLAR INVESTING in Vanguard® mutual funds

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We offer a total of 22 Vanguard® funds

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12 of the 22 Vanguard® funds are Admiral Class Shares
We have met the requirements for minimum funds, so all of our members have access to these shares which have lower expense ratios and the potential for better returns

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You can invest in as many Vanguard® funds as you would like

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All funds are no-load mutual funds: the shares are sold without commissions or additional sales charges

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While invested, your money remains available for your use, or it can grow tax-deferred for future use

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Vanguard® funds utilize a multi-manager approach to investing to provide greater diversification within each portfolio

Securities offered through The Vanguard Group, Member NASD SIPC Security products: Are Not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; May Lose Value; Are Not a Deposit of or Guaranteed by the Bank or any Bank Affiliate.