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Announcing Our New Fund: SAVEF

We know interest rates are low and your return on cash isn’t what you would like it to be. That’s why we’re announcing a new addition to our fund lineup: Standard Insurance Company’s Stable Asset Fund (SAVEF).

SAVEF offers:

  • A current 1.05% annual rate of return
  • A guaranteed return of principal
  • The ability to withdraw funds at any time

Rates are subject to change quarterly, but the 1.05% rate will remain in effect through Dec. 31st, 2021.

Here’s how this rate of return compares to current interest rates on HealthSavings cash balances and current averages on money market funds:

 Standard Insurance Company Stable Asset Fund (SAVEF)HealthSavings Cash HoldingsAverage Money Market Rate
Current Rate of Return / Interest Rate1.05% rate of return (guaranteed through 12/31/21)0% - 0.25% interest rate (varies by balance)0.05% as of Sept. 2021*
Projected Annual Return / Interest on $5,000 Investment$52.50 return$5 interest$2.50 return
Projected Annual Return / Interest on $10,000 Investment$105 return$15 interest$5 return


HealthSavings account holders, here’s how to add funds to SAVEF:

  • Log in to your portal, then click the ‘Manage Investments’ icon
  • From the ‘Manage Investments’ screen, click the ‘Add Funds’ button
  • Click the blue ‘Add’ button for SAVEF, then click ‘Add Investment’ on the right
  • You can now transfer funds to SAVEF from your current holdings or make contributions into SAVEF