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How The Recently Passed House Bill Would Impact HSAs

The American Health Care Act recently passed in the House would be good news for health savings account (HSA) owners; however, as written, the bill may…

Author: Pat Jarrett

New White Paper Presents Insights for Making HSAs Resonate with Millennials

HealthSavings Administrators and HSA Coach have released a white paper about Millennials’ health savings account (HSA) adoption rates and their use of these money and…

Author: James Denison

New Infographic: Millennials & HSAs

Download JPG | Download PDF

Author: James Denison

Contributing to Your HSA During Your First Year on Medicare

Calculating how much you can contribute to your HSA during your first year of Medicare can be tricky. But there are answers in Internal Revenue…

Author: James Denison

IRS Sets 2017 Contribution Limits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued its new guidelines for 2017 HSA contributions. The family contribution limit remains the same as 2016, but the…

Author: James Denison

Beware of Scams

Please be wary of the latest phone scam targeting health savings account (HSA) and bank debit cards. We do not send automated calls or texts…

Author: Jennifer Harris