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Comprehensive Employee Education

Since 2004, HealthSavings has offered best-in-class health savings accounts (HSAs) to help employees save money on their current and future medical expenses. With more than 15 years of experience as a leading HSA provider, we’ve developed a tried-and-true HSA communication framework that enables employers to easily educate and engage employees about HSAs.

Pre-Open Enrollment Communication

We’ve created a simple series of emails who employees who currently have HSAs, as well as for employees who aren’t yet enrolled in HSAs. HealthSavings can send out the emails, or employers can easily copy the emails below and send them out to their employees.

Employees Who Currently Have HSAs:

Email 1 (sent 3 weeks before enrollment): Reminder of HSA benefits

  • This email provides a quick refresher of the powerful savings HSAs provide.

Email 2 (sent 2 weeks before enrollment): Choosing a persona

  • This email encourages account holders to opt in to one of our 6 behavior-based personas to ensure future HSA communications are tailored to their specific needs.

Email 3 (sent 1 week before enrollment): Quick tips for maximizing your HSA

  • This email answers a few of the most common HSA usage questions that account holders face.


Employees Who Aren’t Yet Enrolled in HSAs:

Email 1 (sent 3 weeks before enrollment): What is an HSA?

  • This email gives a quick overview of how HSAs help account holders save money.

Email 2 (sent 2 weeks before enrollment): HSAs vs. FSAs

  • This email explains the key differences between HSAs and FSAs.

Email 3 (sent 1 week before enrollment): HSAs and health insurance plans

  • This email explains the basics of HSA-qualified health plans and why employees should consider them for their health insurance coverage.

We’ve also created a simple webpage explaining HSA basics that can be helpful for employers to embed on their company intranets: “Is An HSA Right For Me?” webpage


Open Enrollment Communication

HealthSavings provides a wide array of educational resources to help employers seamlessly incorporate HSAs into their Open Enrollments and get employees excited about opening accounts.

Comprehensive Open Enrollment Resources

  • Our Open Enrollment Resources page contains a host of valuable resources to help you easily integrate HSAs into your enrollment experience, included a scripted PowerPoint deck, narrated HSA presentation, employee take-home resources, and more.

Electronic account holder welcome experience

  • New HSA account holders receive a series of friendly emails guiding them through the process of setting up HSA contributions and choosing a persona to tailor future communications. And account holders who have requested HSA debit cards will receive them in the mail within 7-10 business days.

Online customer portal

  • New account holders gain access to our intuitive online customer portal, which enables them to easily make contributions, manage their investments, and more.

Pre-existing HSA transfers

  • New account holders are encouraged to consolidate any existing HSAs into their HealthSavings HSA. Our team makes it quick and easy.


Continuing HSA Education

Once employees have opened their accounts, HealthSavings provides consistent, targeted communication to help them reach their specific health and financial wellness goals, now and in the future.

Tailored, persona-based monthly emails

  • Each month, your employees will receive customized communication that meets them where they are and helps them make best use of their HSAs.

Personable, knowledgeable employee support

  • Our friendly team of HSA experts is easily available to help your employees through any HSA-related questions.

“Maximize Your Tax Savings” email

  • At the beginning of the year, we will email your employees reminding them to increase their tax savings by maximizing their HSA contributions up to their applicable IRS contribution limit.

“HSAs and Medicare” email

  • Employees who are turning 65 will be emailed helpful information regarding HSA usage while on Medicare.


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