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Employee Resources

You are offering a wonderful benefit to your employees—a HealthSavings investment HSA. To ensure your team maximizes their HSA, you’ll need to provide resources explaining how HSAs work. Use the content in this resource center during open enrollment, as newsletter or extranet resources throughout the year, and to answer employee questions as they come up. Click on a topic now to begin exploring the resources available to you and your employees.

HSA Basics

  • What are the benefits of HSAs?
  • How do HSAs work?

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  • Who is eligible?
  • What makes someone ineligible?

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  • What are the rules for contributing?
  • How do I contribute?

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Eligible Expenses

  • What is covered by an HSA?
  • How do I access my funds?

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Tax Information

  • What are my reporting obligations?
  • What do I do with my tax forms?

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Your HealthSavings HSA

  • Why HealthSavings?
  • How does my HealthSavings account work?

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HSA Strategies

  • How do I maximize my HSA dollars?
  • How do I use my HSA for retirement savings?

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Other Topics

  • What’s new with HSAs?
  • What else should I know about HSAs?

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