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Our Approach

Why HealthSavings?


We’re the “Investor’s HSA”

  • Our first-dollar investing allows your employees to invest right away, no minimum balance required.
  • Accountholders can choose from over 100 investment options, including Vanguard, Dimensional, Franklin Templeton and more.
  • We don’t have investment transaction fees. This allows you to shift from spending, to saving, to investing, as your medical needs change over time.

We’ve been around since Day 1

  • We’ve been in the healthcare savings and investment world since medical savings accounts (MSAs) were first introduced in 1997.
  • After the legislation enacting HSAs passed in January 2004, we shifted our focus to HSAs – emphasizing, even then, the vital role that HSAs play as part of a comprehensive retirement strategy.
  • Today, we work exclusively with HSAs and thrive in the top 1% of HSA companies nationwide.

We’re here to help

  • Our goal is to provide the tools and services accountholders need to best understand their HSA and take full advantage of the benefits it can provide. That’s why we have resources available for them to get the answers they need, when they need them.
  • After enrolling your group, you’ll be assigned an Account Manager, who will walk you through the onboarding process and be your go-to person for all your questions moving forward.
  • If your employees have questions, they can speak with a living and breathing HSA expert. Our customer service team is available Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m., or Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET at (888) 354-0697.

Next Steps

Once you’ve decided HealthSavings is a great choice for you, what’s next?

Call us at (888) 354-0697. We’ll talk you through the enrollment process and make sure you have all your questions answered.