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Summary of Fees

Our fees are easy to understand with no hidden costs. At HealthSavings, we believe investing in your future means ensuring that we do our job without additional costs. Below is a list of fees you might encounter, and our standard administrative fees.

  • Administrative Fee: $45 per year. Fee deducted from the account balance. If enrolling with an employer group, this fee may be paid in full, or in part, by your employer.
  • Custodial Fee: Varies based on investments. For specifics, visit and find the fund you’re interested in; that fund’s fees will be listed in its prospectus.
Transactional Fees
Withdrawals via paper check $10
Excess contribution correction $25
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) $30
Transaction correction $25
Wire transfer (sent or received) $25
Duplicate copy of tax document $4
Transfer/rollover to another custodian $25
Account closure $25


Debit Card Fees (if applicable)
Replace lost or stolen debit card $12
Additional charge (per card) for three or more debit cards $6
Stop payment $25
Copy of debit card merchant receipt $25
Terminate debit card access $25


Interest Schedule

There is no minimum balance required to open an account or obtain the annual percentage yield disclosed. Interest is credited monthly and based on the balance in your cash/debit card account. The interest rate available on your account is as follows.


Balance Interest Rate
$25,000 or more 0.50%
$15,000 – $24,999.99 0.40%
$10,000 – $14,999.99 0.30%
$5,000 – $9,999.99 0.20%
$2,500 – $4,999.99 0.10%
$0 – $2,499.99 0.05%