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HealthSavings Administrators Publishes “A Guide To Health Savings Accounts and Medicare”

HealthSavings Administrators and Paul Verberne, Esq., of Verberne x Maldonado, LLP, have created “A Guide to Health Savings Accounts and Medicare”— a free, 26-page resource covering the basics of health savings accounts (HSAs) and Medicare, as well as how each program impacts the other.

Among the top 1% of the nation’s HSA investment companies in accounts and assets, HealthSavings’ emphasis is on helping individuals understand the value of HSAs as part of a comprehensive retirement planning strategy. As HSA accountholders near retirement, questions often arise about the impact of Medicare on their HSA.

For example, accountholders enrolling in Medicare Parts A and/or B can no longer contribute to their HSAs. But this seemingly clear rule often generates more questions—like whether a spouse may continue to contribute to that HSA, what expenses continue to be reimbursable, and how to prorate contributions. The guidebook provides clear and simple answers to these questions and more.

“We wanted to provide some clarity around a topic that is confusing for many HSA accountholders,” said Kirk Hoewisch, former President of HealthSavings. “By providing clarity, our hope is that accountholders feel confident continuing to maximize and utilize their HSAs to their fullest potential throughout their retirement.”

A Guide to Health Savings Accounts and Medicare” can be downloaded for free at

Author: James Denison


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