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HealthSavings Administrators Launches InvestorSELECT HSA, Featuring First-Dollar Investing in Nearly 400 Available Funds

HealthSavings Administrators proudly announces the launch of its most flexible and robust HSA product—InvestorSELECT HSA. The InvestorSELECT HSA offers first-dollar investing in nearly 400 available funds—one of the largest HSA fund lists currently on the national market.

At a glance, top benefits include:

  • First-dollar investment, with no minimum balance required
  • Nearly 400 funds to choose from including Vanguard®, Dimensional, Franklin Templeton, MFS®, Pimco, T. Rowe Price, TIAA and more
  • Accountholders can invest in as many funds as they would like
  • No investment transaction fees

While invested, the money remains available for use, or it can grow tax-deferred for future use.

HealthSavings’ emphasis is on helping individuals understand the value of HSAs as part of a comprehensive retirement planning strategy, and the InvestorSELECT HSA’s vast array of funds makes it simple for an accountholder to customize investment options to meet their financial goals.

“InvestorSELECT HSA gives accountholders more investment options than any other product currently on the national market,” said Kirk Hoewisch, former President of HealthSavings. “Coupled with our first-dollar investing with no minimum balance required and our lack of investment transaction fees, this product offers amazing flexibility to any accountholder who wants to grow their HSA dollars for retirement.”

HSAs are much like individual retirement accounts, but the money saved is reserved specifically for eligible healthcare expenses. The money is deposited tax free or tax deductible, and remains tax free when used to pay or reimburse for eligible medical expenses.

HealthSavings works with FPS Trust Company as its custodian, and provides top-notch investment-focused service through its cloud-based platform, the Investment Provider Xchange™ (IPX). Learn more at and

Author: Ginny Latham