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Helping Dimensional Fund Advisors Invest in a Healthier Future

For more than 35 years, Dimensional Fund Advisors has been putting financial science to work by translating financial research into real-world investment solutions. Recently, however, Dimensional became concerned that its own employees might not be acquainted with the benefits health savings accounts (HSAs) offer for long-term investing.

Even though HSAs offer account holders huge savings on future medical expenses, only 5% of Dimensional’s employees with HSAs were choosing to invest their funds. Dimensional wanted to reframe HSAs as a component of a comprehensive retirement investment strategy, instead of being perceived as a way to pay current medical costs.

Dimensional worked with HealthSavings to design a two-step program to eliminate HSA investment barriers and to provide employees with ongoing HSA education about the power of saving and investing. As a result of these efforts, Dimensional has seen a 6x increase in the percentage of eligible employees who were investing HSA funds, as well as a 4x increase in the percentage of invested HSA funds.

To see how HealthSavings and Dimensional accomplished this turnaround, check out the case study below.

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