Savings today.

Investment for tomorrow.

That’s the power of a health savings account (HSA).

A health savings account (HSA) combines the immediate benefits of a flexible spending account with the retirement strategy of a 401(k)…
and offers more tax advantages than either.

The Triple Tax Advantage for HSAs

Contributions to your HSA are either pre-tax or tax-deductible

HSA contributions and interest grow tax-free

Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free

More HSA Benefits

Keep Your Savings

The money in your HSA rolls over year after year (it’s not use-it-or-lose-it like a flexible spending account).

Grow Your Savings

You can invest your HSA funds and let them grow long-term like an IRA or 401(k).

Take It With You

Because HSAs are individually-owned, they stay with you when you change jobs or retire. And even if you become ineligible to contribute to your HSA, you can continue to pay for qualified medical expenses tax-free from the funds currently in your account.

Pay for Your Family

You can use your HSA funds to pay for your spouse or children’s qualified medical expenses, even if they’re on different health plans or ineligible for HSAs. Qualified medical expenses include doctor’s visits, prescriptions, dental bills, and more.

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