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HSA Cash

Account Set Up

What is an HSA cash account?

  • The cash account is a savings account that you can contribute to tax-free. Funds are separate from your investment account and are easily accessible.  Withdrawals can only be made from the Total Cash Balance and you must have funds in cash to cover any debit card transactions . 

Before Getting Started:

  • You may already have a cash account setup. To allocate more funds to cash watch video two.

Log into your account.

Video One: How to Set-Up Your Cash Account

Video Two: How to Contribute Cash

Debit Card FAQs


How do I request a debit card?

  • Log into your account, then go to My Profile > Debit Card > Request
  • Debit card(s) for your authorized signer(s) may be ordered under My Profile > Authorized Signers > Request a Debit Card

Where is my debit card accepted?

  • Your debit card is accepted at ATMs and by medical providers who accept Visa (e.g., doctors’ offices, pharmacies, medical supply stores, etc.)

Why does’t my debit card work at certain locations?

  • To safeguard against improper or accidental use, debit cards are restricted to merchants that provide medical products and services. If you need to make a purchase from a non-medical merchant for an eligible medical expense, you may purchase the product or service out-of-pocket and reimburse yourself later from your HSA.

Are there limits on how much I can spend on my card?

  • For your security, there is a daily limit of $2,500 for point-of-sale purchases and $500 at ATMs. If you need to pay a larger medical expense, contact us to request a temporary limit increase. Remember, funds are deducted from your cash account, so you must have sufficient funds in your cash account to cover the expense(s).

What if I don’t have enough funds in my HSA cash account to purchase what I need?

  • You have options! You can pay part of the expense from your HSA and the remaining portion using another payment method. You can also pay the entire expense using another payment method and reimburse yourself later from your HSA. Or ask the medical provider to set up a payment plan.


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