Your HSA should help you save for today and invest for tomorrow.

Here’s why more than 70,000 people trust us to help them create a healthier future:

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First-Dollar Investing

No minimum balances, gimmicks, or investment transaction fees. Every dollar has the chance to grow for you.


The Investor’s HSA

Our clients are 12 times more likely to invest their HSA funds, and our average investment balance is 8 times higher than the national average.


20 Years of Healthcare Investment Experience

We’ve been helping people invest their healthcare dollars since 1997 and been in the HSA business since they were enacted in January 2004.


Top 15 HSA Provider

We’re one of the 15 largest HSA providers nationally, and Kiplinger’s and Investor’s Business Daily each named us as one of the best HSA providers nationwide for our investment options.


Full Mutual Fund Lineup

Create your own custom lineup with more than 100 investment options, including Vanguard®, Dimensional, Franklin Templeton, and more.


Co-Branding Opportunity

Custom fund lineups. An on-brand, tailored HSA experience for your customers. We manage your HSA and let you focus on building your business.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Investing Your HSA


  • Why an investment HSA is the hands-down choice for saving for retirement medical expenses
  • Simple, real-world ways to save on medical costs and keep more of your HSA dollars
  • How to grow your HSA tax-free, then use those untaxed funds to buy a boat (or anything else).

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