HSAs –
your new retirement investment strategy.

An HSA isn’t just a tax-advantaged way to pay for medical expenses. It’s also an incredible retirement savings vehicle with tax benefits you won’t find in any other retirement savings tool.

Why Save Now for Future Healthcare Expenses?
On average, Medicare only covers 59% of healthcare costs; the average couple retiring at 65 will have to pay up to $404,000 of medical expenses. And if they use 401(k) funds to pay for that $404,000 of medical care, they’ll need over $538,000 once they factor taxes in (that’s an extra $134,000).

How an HSA Helps
By investing your HSA funds like a 401(k), you can take advantage of HSAs’ triple tax benefit to build a nest egg for retirement medical expenses.

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Contributions to your HSA are tax-free or tax-deductible

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Earnings and interest grow tax-free

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Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free


Invest Now, Cash In Later

If you contributed the annual maximum limit to your HSA and invested it from age 30 until 65, you’d have $523,000 under self-only health coverage or $1,069,000 under family coverage. Even if you started at age 50, you’d still have $118,000 under self-only coverage or $221,000 under family coverage*.


Those dollars can go towards your medical expenses tax-free, so you can keep your other retirement savings for things you’d rather spend money on. And, if you choose to use HSA funds for non-medical expenses after 65, you’ll just pay regular income taxes like you would with a 401(k).


*These calculations assume a 6% rate of return, 25% tax rate, and 2% annual CPI increase.

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