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Why our HSA?

Beyond the many benefits to members, employers and partners, there are many reasons you’ll find HealthSavings to be an exceptional HSA company.


EXPERIENCE: We’ve been in the healthcare savings and investment world since medical savings accounts (MSA) were first introduced in 1997, and when HSAs were introduced in 2004.


FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY: Individuals can choose from high quality, low cost mutual funds, an interest-bearing cash account with debit card, or both. All with one simple annual fee.



PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Our emphasis is on helping the individual build assets for future eligible medical expenses, which means your HSA is part of your medical and retirement planning strategy.



SMARTER INVESTING: We offer first dollar investing from day one. Tax-free contributions, tax-free withdrawals and tax-free growth that accumulates over time.



ACCESSIBILITY: A tradition of person-to-person, thoughtful and informed customer service Monday through Friday. Plus 24/7 access to your account online.