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Where is Washington going?

“Medicare for All”

— OR —

“HSAs For All”

Health Savings Accounts for All

85% of respondents

think Medicare recipients should be able to continue to contribute to their health savings account

HSAs for Medicare Recipients

HSA Talk

HealthSavings Administrators

A big problem is only getting bigger with over 40 million Medicare recipients not allowed to contribute to a health savings account (HSA).

Seniors to Benefit from HSAs

HSA Talk

The legislation changing retirement. A bi-partisan bill could change how you save for retirement.


It’s time to take the next step in expanding the health savings account playing field by giving Medicare beneficiaries access to the massive benefits health savings accounts provide.

— Jim Gandolfo, chairman of the American Bankers Association’s Health Savings Account Council

The Industry Revolution and HSAs in Retirement

While it is clear that the masses do not support ‘Medicare for All,’ there is tremendous support for removing some of the access restrictions for health savings accounts. Anyone who is eligible for an HSA based on their health insurance plan should have the right to choose how to save and pay for out-of-pocket medical costs – even if they are on Medicare.

— E. Craig Keohan, Chief Revenue Officer, HealthSavings

Those who support "Medicare for All"


HSA Glass Icons

24% said it will improve access to care

20% said it will reduce costs

9% said it would improve quality of care

Those who are against "Medicare for All"


16% said it would limit access to care

21% said it would increase costs

15% said it would reduce quality of care

Do Benefit Professionals Support "Medicare for All"?

  • Yes
  • No


HealthSavings Survey Finds Majority Supports HSAs for All, Not Medicare for All

With medical and insurance costs continuing to increase, we owe it to our friends and family who are aging into Medicare to provide them with common-sense ways to effectively manage out-of-pocket expenses. Health savings accounts are the single best way to accomplish that.

— Dr. Bill West, Board of Directors, American Bankers Association, Health Savings Account Council


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