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Your Health Savings Account for Vanguard Investing

Are you looking to invest your HSA in Vanguard® funds? HealthSavings is the clear choice.

We offer 32 low-cost Vanguard funds, including 15 Admiral Shares, and we’ve been doing it since the beginning. That’s why our customers have 5x higher account balances than industry average.

No Investment Restrictions

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have investment thresholds, so you can invest every dollar you deposit right away.

Lower Fees for Vanguard Investing

With no trading fees and 75% lower expense ratios*, we help more of your money work for you. See how much you could save in the chart below.

Original Provider for Vanguard Funds

As a dedicated HSA provider, 100% of our focus goes to you and your HSA. And we’ve been offering low-cost Vanguard funds longer than any other HSA provider.

Helping More Of Your Money Work For You

Provider NameAnnual Maintenance FeeAnnual Investment Fee ($)Annual Investment Fee (%)Investment Threshold (Minimum Cash Balance)Annual Interest on $2,000 Cash BalanceAnnual Opportunity Cost* (as calculated by HealthSavings)Underlying Fund Fee (Expense Ratio) for Equal-Weighted 60/40 PortfolioEstimated Annual Cost**
Bank of America$30$0$0$1,000$2$580.34%$136
HealthEquity$35.40 (waived for $2,000 cash balance)$00.36%$2,000$1$1190.04%$171
UMB Bank$35.40$36$0$1,000$1$590.32%$175

This chart assumes a total HSA balance of $15,000 (which is the average total HSA balance according to the Morningstar 2019 HSA Landscape). If the HSA provider imposed an investment threshold, or minimum cash balance (the fifth column in the chart), that amount was kept in cash and the rest was invested. If the HSA provider did not impose an investment threshold, all $15,000 was invested.

Data source: Morningstar 2019 HSA Landscape. Calculations assume a 6% annual market return.

Annual Maintenance Fee and Annual Investment Fee are from Exhibit 21 of the Morningstar 2019 HSA Landscape
Investment Thresholds (Minimum Cash Balances) are from Exhibit 30 of the Morningstar 2019 HSA Landscape
Annual Interest on $2,000 Cash Balances are from Exhibit 7 of the Morningstar 2019 HSA Landscape
Underlying Fund Fees (Expense Ratios) for Equal-Weighted 60/40 Portfolios are from Exhibit 23 of the Morningstar 2019 HSA Landscape

*Here is how Annual Opportunity Cost was calculated: ((Investment Threshold x 6%) – Annual Interest on $2,000 Cash Balance).

**Here is how Estimated Annual Cost was calculated: (Annual Maintenance Fee + Annual Investment Fee ($) + (Annual Investment Fee (%) x ($15,000 – Investment Threshold))) + (Annual Opportunity Cost) + (($15,000 – Investment Threshold) x Underlying Fund Fee for Equal-Weighted 60/40 Portfolios). Since the release of the Morningstar 2019 HSA LandscapeHealthSavings‘ Annual Maintenance Fee changed to $36.

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  • If you’d rather speak with an HSA expert, call us! Our customer service team is available from Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m., or Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET at (888) 354-0697.

* Expense ratio average reported in 2019 Midyear Devenir HSA Research Report.
Vanguard® is a registered trademark of The Vanguard Group.


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