At HealthSavings, we’re proud to give accountholders access to some of the finest investment opportunities available. Plus, you can easily access what you’ve saved through our interest-bearing cash account and optional debit card.

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FIRST DOLLAR INVESTING with no minimum balance required

80+ funds to choose from including American Funds, Vanguard®, Dimensional, MFS®, Oppenheimer, Franklin Templeton, T. Rowe Price and more

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You can invest in as many funds as you would like

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No investment transaction fees

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While invested, your money remains available for your use, or it can grow tax-deferred for future use

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Investor SELECT offers a vast array of funds making it simple for you to customize your investment options to meet your financial goals


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NOTE: Our office will be closed for Good Friday on Friday, April 19. The NYSE will also be closed and trading will resume on Monday, April 22.