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New White Paper Presents Insights for Making HSAs Resonate with Millennials

HealthSavings Administrators and HSA Coach have released a white paper about Millennials’ health savings account (HSA) adoption rates and their use of these money and tax saving accounts. The paper also provides tips for employers, advisors and other entities in making HSAs relevant to members of the Millennial generation.Capture

“With decades ahead until retirement, Millennials stand to gain the most from investing in a HSA,” the white paper begins. “But research shows they lag behind other generations in understanding—and leveraging—the long-term benefits of HSAs.”

The paper shares research from a 2016 survey of HealthSavings’ accountholders, as well as commentary, insights, and tips from HealthSavings President Pat Jarrett, HSA Coach Founder/CEO Aaron Benway, and Roy Ramthun, who led the U.S. Treasury Department’s implementation of HSAs beginning in 2003.

Download the white paper now to read more.

Author: James Denison

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