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White Paper: Do Your Employees Know About HSAs?

HealthSavings Administrators has released a white paper that situates the health savings account as a unique tool in saving for retirement. The paper highlights the benefits of an HSA when it’s viewed as a “Medical 401k” rather than a simple savings account for individuals with a high deductible health plan, and provides examples of ways to start shifting the conversation.

“In many ways, HSAs are now where traditional retirement vehicles were in the 1980s: underused and unclear. Participants and employers required more education about investment/savings opportunities back then, and the same is true for HSAs today,” the white paper states.

The paper shares research from the Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) as well as commentary, insights, and tips from HealthSavings Co-Founder and HSA Advocate Pat Jarrett.

Download the white paper now to read more.

Author: James Denison


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