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HSAs: Supporting Lifetime Financial Wellness

With a 15 –year track record serving growing companies, HealthSavings has the expertise to support a successful health savings account (HSA) implementation for you and your employees.

Using our award-winning education and communication, we’ll develop a game plan and implement it from beginning to end. The result? Happier employees and increased HSA adoption supported by our industry-leading service and support.

Investopedia's "Best Overall HSA" of 2021

  • “Investopedia compared more than 15 companies who offer HSAs nationwide … HealthSavings is our best overall HSA due to the fact they let you invest in Vanguard® funds with low expense ratios and no trading fees.”
  • “This industry pioneer also offers a wealth of educational materials, including videos and webinars.”

The HSA That Meets You Where You Are

Dedicated onboarding specialist and white-glove account management

Our Account Management team is comprised of industry veterans who understand how to get the most out of an HSA program before, during and after rollout.

By starting with a game plan, staying up to date on progress, and delivering award-winning education and insightful reporting, they will help increase HSA engagement and adoption.

Award-winning education for remote or in-person onboarding and open enrollment.

We have an extensive library of materials, including videos and webinars for remote and in-person education. We’re honored to have received:

  • 2019 PSCA Signature Award Winner for HSA Communications
  • 2018 Eddy Award Winner for Initial Investment Education

Industry-leading customer service ensures 90+% account holder satisfaction all year.

Our Customer Service team is proud to offer:

  • 90+% first call resolution
  • 90% of calls answered within 60 seconds
  • 4-year average tenure of representatives in the HealthSavings operations center

Easy to invest in low-cost Vanguard and Dimensional mutual funds.

44 institutional-class shares of Vanguard® and Dimensional funds covering all core asset classes, with options for both active and passive fund managers. And, no investing transactional fees or minimum balances for investing.

Our robust feature set seamlessly accommodates all employees, regardless of their life stage, HSA usage, or behavior.

Over 80,000 accounts and 97% client retention rate

5x higher account balances than industry average and zero minimum balance to invest

15 years championing HSA education and adoption

Behavior-Based Customer Personas

Transcending the ‘one-size-fits-all’ communication model prevalent in the HSA industry, our 6 customer personas meet account holders where they are. By opting in to a persona that best fits them, account holders can ensure that the communication and education they receive is tailored specifically to their needs and goals.

I’m new to managing my benefits and would like to learn how to get the most out of my health savings account.

I use my health savings account to pay for day-to-day medical expenses. Every dollar counts.

I use my HSA to pay for doctor’s visits and medical expenses, but I make enough money that I am thinking about how to use it as a long-term retirement savings vehicle.

I’m focused on investing my health savings account to save for retirement and estate planning.

I am retired or nearing retirement. I’d like to learn how to get the most out of my health savings account at my stage of life.

As a woman, I am likely to incur 84% higher medical costs than men. I would like to get the most out of my health savings account now and in the future.


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