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Create a happy, healthy future

Achieve your financial goals with a HealthSavings HSA.

Create a happy, healthy future

Achieve your financial goals with a HealthSavings HSA.

HealthSavings account holders have historically saved five times more. How do they do it?

Tax-Free Saving

Let your money grow securely in a tax-free FDIC-insured savings account.

Invest Right Away

No minimum cash balances. Every dollar can work for you.

Carefully Curated Fund Lineup

42 Vanguard and Dimensional funds with 75% lower expense ratios and no trading fees.

Investopedia's "Best Overall HSA" of 2020

HealthSavings is our best overall HSA due to the fact they let you invest in Vanguard funds with low expense ratios and no trading fees.”

“You can open a health savings account with this provider online in less than 20 minutes … this industry pioneer also offers a wealth of educational materials, including videos and webinars”

Why Should I Open an HSA?

Your HSA saves you money on doctor’s visits, prescriptions, vision and dental, and more. And you can invest your funds and let them grow tax-free over time.

HSA Benefits:

HSAs save you money in three ways:

  • Cash deposited is not subject to federal taxes
  • You can spend your money on qualified medical expenses tax-free
  • Interest and capital gains on investments are tax-free

HSA balances carry over from year to year with no use-it-or-lose-it limits, even if you are self-employed, change employers, or retire.

The HealthSavings HSA allows you to shift from spending, to saving, to investing as your needs change over time.

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