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For advisors, health savings accounts (HSAs) are a wonderful opportunity to address concerns about medical expenses in retirement, help individuals and employers maximize tax savings, and brand themselves as total retirement experts. We make it easy by providing the tools, resources and expertise you need.

Why HealthSavings?

Open architecture solution

Our open architecture platform includes debit card integration, while automating account opening, transaction activity and trading through the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC).

Balances 5x Higher

HealthSavings offers first-dollar investment options from day one (no minimum balance or waiting required). The result? Our average account balance is five times higher than the industry average.

Low Maintenance

We provide the resources you need to make HSAs low-maintenance and easy to administer. That means you can focus less on HSA logistics and more on providing a valuable new service to your clients.


Your clients deserve your HSA. You choose the funds and how to be compensated. We create your custom investment HSA and handle administration, recordkeeping, education, service and more. Now you can offer HSA investment management services to the same clients who know and trust you for other services, like 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, etc.

Get Started Today

Advisory Firms

Step 1: Register Your Firm

Request a copy of the Investment Firm Establishment Guide (IFEG) from our sales team to get started.

Step 2: Register Your Advisors

You’ll receive registration details so your Advisors can register and gain access to the Advisor Portal.

Step 3: Register Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors complete the Plan Establishment Guide (PEG) and register.

Step 4: Enroll Participants

Plan Sponsors enroll participants.

Step 5: Access Accounts, Receive Payment

Advisors access the Advisor Portal and provide ongoing access and support.

Individual Advisors

Simply consult our sales team or contact or (888) 354-0697.