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We’re excited for you to see our new and improved portal, launching on Monday, October 8. Check out the resources below to ensure a smooth transition for your employees and clients.


  • Eligibility File Template (.CSV) — Excel template for uploading employee eligibility information
  • Contribution Upload Template (.CSV) — Excel template for submitting contributions for employees
  • Online FAQ — Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from employers and partners regarding the new portal
  • Employer User Guide (PDF) — Step-by-step instructions for how to enroll employees and make contributions


  • Portal Launch — The new portal will launch on Monday, October 8.
  • Black Out Dates — Our current portal will be down from Friday, October 5 at 11 p.m. EST until Monday, October 8 at 8:30 a.m. EST as we work to implement these changes. Please note that no one will be able to access the portal during this time.
  • Communication to Individuals — Accountholders will be emailed prior to the launch date letting them know of the upcoming changes, as well as after the launch to gather reactions and initial feedback.

Online FAQ

What’s changing?

We’ve made a sizable investment in our online portal for advisors, employers, and participants.

Key improvements include:

  • New look and feel
  • Clearer and more intuitive experience
  • Participant transactions
  • New participant password reset process
What isn’t changing?

While we’re excited about the new portal changes, you can rest assured that some things are staying the same. Our fees, custodian, and the level of service you’ve come to expect from HealthSavings will all remain the same.

In the Participant portal, under Transactions, why is the withdrawal subtype noted as a “Taxable Withdrawal”? Will these transactions be taxed?

No. The “Taxable Withdrawal” notation just represents that it will be listed on the accountholder’s IRS Form 1099-SA as a distribution. All withdrawals for eligible medical expenses remain tax-free.

Is there a preferred method for enrolling employees?

Yes. Moving forward, the primary method for enrolling new employees will be through an eligibility file. Feel free to use our eligibility file template (also found in the Employer portal) to add new participants and upload to your online portal. Once the file is submitted, employees will receive an email with a direct link into your plan’s portal enrollment page. This will allow you to contribute to your employees’ accounts right away and will not require employees to use specific plan enrollment credentials.

Will we need to re-enter any data or settings?

No. All of your current settings will be transitioned to your new portal. This includes login credentials for employer administrators and participants, as well as previously stored bank information.

Will the new portal be integrated with Orion?

We are currently working on this functionality and are in the process of initial testing with Orion. This won’t be available for our initial release, but is included in the product roadmap and is projected for 2019.

Have additional questions or feedback? Feel free to email us at


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