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HSA Pricing

HealthSavings offers a transparent pricing structure with no ‘gotchas’ or hidden costs.

  • Administrative Fee: $45 per year. For account holders enrolled with an employer group, this fee may be paid by the employer.
  • Custodial Fee: 6.25 basis points ($0.625 per $1,000) per quarter. This fee is only charged on invested assets.
Miscellaneous Fees
Overdraft/non-sufficient funds $30
Reimbursement fee (per check) $10
Transfer correction $25
Outgoing transfer/rollover fee $25
Account closure fee $25


Other Costs to Consider

Opportunity Cost:

Many providers require account holders to keep a minimum balance in a cash account before they can invest additional funds. This means they miss out on potential investment returns, which are usually higher than interest on a cash account. Learn more about opportunity cost.

Expense Ratios:

Expense ratios are fees mutual fund companies charge to allow access to their funds. The average weighted expense ratio of our carefully curated fund lineup is 75% lower than industry average. Learn more about expense ratios.

See how our pricing measures up against the rest of the HSA industry.