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Service Excellence

We provide best-in-class service on health savings accounts because it’s all we do, and we’ve been doing it since 2004.

Intensive training curriculum Direct connection with
operations team via IM
Continuous measurement
and improvement
Advanced technology

How do we do it?


• Every service center representative gets 4 weeks of intensive training before they answer customer calls.

Direct Communication

• Reps are empowered to connect to operations team to correct systems errors or incorrect data entry on the spot.

Continuous Measurement & Improvement

• Weekly random sampling of calls for each agent which are then scored and reviewed with the team

• Cross-check with account information to make sure advice/steps taken match with account characteristics

Advanced Technology

• Speech analytics on key words and phrases, common issues, trending issues, and sentiment.

• Realtime caller sentiment monitoring.

• Reporting: by rep, by issues, by status, customer satisfaction scores, and customer recommendation likelihood.

On our portal and external website:

  • Extensive resource area with explainer videos, infographics and guides
  • Comprehensive Help function and FAQs
  • 95+ usability rating for portal performance
  • Intuitive navigation and seamless e-commerce-like interface

By phone: Our dedicated customer service team consistently beats industry metrics for quick resolution and better than 90% approval ratings from customers who call in.


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