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HealthSavings Survey Finds Deep Divide In How Employers & Benefits Professionals View HSAs

Once seen primarily as just a way to save money on current medical expenses, health savings accounts, or HSAs, are increasingly being understood as a powerful way to build tax-free wealth for future medical expenses. However, even as industry research continues to laud the advantages of using HSAs as investment vehicles, not everyone is taking action.

A recent HealthSavings survey of more than 270 employers and benefits professionals revealed a profound division in the way each party views HSA benefits and how to best leverage their value.

The survey found that while 65% of employers felt that focusing on investing HSA funds was important, only 16% of benefit professionals said they counsel account holders to invest their HSA dollars. In addition, while nearly 40% of employers said they encourage HSA account holders to invest as a retirement option, 74% of benefit professionals simply encourage account holders to save their HSA funds.

“When it comes to navigating the benefits landscape, benefit professionals serve as a critical bridge between employer and employee,” noted E. Craig Keohan, chief revenue officer at HealthSavings. “However, while employers are taking a long-term view in support of their employees’ healthcare needs into retirement, benefits consultants and brokers haven’t yet grasped the value of a health savings account beyond a spend or save mentality. That approach can severely restrict the long-term potential for an account holder’s HSA.”

To see the full survey results, view or download the infographic below.

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Author: James Denison