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Transfer your HSA to HealthSavings

Keeping all your health savings account (HSA) funds in one place saves you time and money. And transferring your existing HSA to HealthSavings couldn’t be easier:

1. Open your HealthSavings HSA
2. Complete our transfer form
3. Sit back and enjoy the HealthSavings difference!

We’ll coordinate with your prior HSA provider to move your funds.

HealthSavings: Investopedia's Best Overall HSA of 2021

You’ll be in good hands at HealthSavings. Our HSA offers:

Personalized tips and reminders that keep you on the path to HSA success
Grow icon
FDIC-insured savings and low-fee Vanguard funds with no investment minimums
debit card
Free debit card and 100% US-based, industry-leading support at your service

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