Why HealthSavings?

At HealthSavings, we’re proud to give our members access to some of the finest investment opportunities through our relationship with Vanguard®. Investment in Vanguard® mutual funds is accessible with the first dollar. With a history of potential for growth, Vanguard® investments are part of a long-term, retirement strategy.

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FIRST DOLLAR INVESTING in Vanguard® mutual funds with no minimum balance required

We offer a total of 21 Vanguard® funds

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12 of the 21 Vanguard® funds are Admiral Class Shares

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You can invest in as many Vanguard® funds as you would like

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All funds are no-load mutual funds: the shares are sold without commissions or additional sales charges

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While invested, your money remains available for your use, or it can grow tax-deferred for future use

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Vanguard® utilizes a multi-manager approach to investing to provide greater diversification within each portfolio


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